Online or Telephonic access

Online or Telephonic access to our panel of experts to obtain legal or contractual assistance, opinions or guidance in contractual matters relating to claims or disputes

The online or telephonic access to our panel of experts has been made available as a service offering to mostly assist those employers, contractors or subcontractors that do not have the luxury to spend their time and financial resources in obtaining legal advice and assistance in face to face formal consultations.

We at VAN ZYL & ASSOCIATES also made a conscious decision that the desire state of the construction industry necessitated that we provide a service where contractual advice becomes highly accessible and affordable so that a party does not have to carry the brunt for making an uninformed decision.

Especially in the construction industry it has become standard practise that the “one who knows the rule book best” (or the contract), is the one who has the upper hand and due to lack of access to the services we offer, many contractor and subcontractors are paying dearly for “lessons learnt”, which learning curves could have been prevented.

For as little as R1,500-00 per month (excluding VAT) we offer our Clients online or telephonic access to our panel of experts for 120 minutes per month of telephonic or email consultations in order to raise their contractual queries in order to make a wise decision (prevention is better than aftercare), before taking action in certain contractual matters.  The monthly fee is payable in advance by Electronic Funds Transfer or Debit Order.

We have found in the past 10 years that these consultation provides the most effective preventative strategies to curb the medium to long term effect of a decision made at the time. Hence, this will be financial resources well spent!

If you need a more tailor-made package, please inform us and we will gladly assist.