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Online assistance in the drafting of contractual notices, claims, dispute notices, Mediation or Adjudication submissions

The drafting of contractual notices, claims and dispute notice is a valuable service that we offer to ensure that once such a notice or claim is submitted, to ensure that it “ticks all the boxes” in terms of claims procedural compliance.

Many claims have not survived in the past and contractors or subcontractors have suffered substantial financial losses just on the basic principle that their claim submissions did not comply with the strict provisions of the contract.

Also, in this case, we have found in the past 10 years that this type of assistance provides the most effective preventative strategies to curb the medium to long term effect of a decision made at the time. Hence, this will be financial resources well spent and will prevent the dismissal of claims on the basis of procedural compliance instead of the merits of a claim.

For an agreed hourly rate we offer our Clients the necessary administrative support by our panel of experts either review or draft the correct contractual notices or claims to ensure that in the event that the claim proceeds to Adjudication, Mediation or Arbitration, that the submissions made can stand the necessary tests for procedural compliance.

If you need a more tailor-made package, please inform us and we will gladly assist.

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