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Online assistance in the reviewing or compilation of construction agreements whether you are the employer contracting with the contractor, or the contractor contracting with the employer or a subcontractor

“Caveat subscriptor” is a Latin maxim which essentially translates to “let those who sign the contract beware”.

VAN ZYL & ASSOCIATES offers an independent service to review construction agreements that have already been compiled, but which agreements may have to be reviewed before it goes out on tender or offered for signature to another party.

The principle of Caveat subscriptor also pre-empts the provision in law that contracts must be honoured once signed and therefore the importance of properly checking and reviewing a contract before signing it is of significant importance to prevent undue hardship in the future.

Our team has also been at the front end of implementing Construction Procurement tenders and Contracts to ensure our Client’s compliance to the CIDB Act of 2000, amongst others, where these Tenders and Contracts are mostly delivered on the basis of the following conditions of contract:

  • GCC 2015
  • JBCC 2000 Series
  • NEC 3 and NEC 4

VAN ZYL & ASSOCIATES is therefore also available to prepare Main Contract and Subcontract agreements tailor-made to our Client’s needs.

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