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We hereby provide Virtual access to our panel of experts to obtain contractual assistance, opinions or guidance in contractual matters relating to claims or disputes.

The virtual access, by way of Microsoft Teams, provides access to our panel of experts and circumvent the costs of travelling where such meetings also prove to more productive.

Please contact us for a consultation by way of Microsoft Teams.

For as little as R1,500-00 per month (excluding VAT) we offer our Clients online or telephonic access to our panel of experts for 120 minutes per month of telephonic or email consultations in order to raise their contractual queries in order to make a wise decision (prevention is better than aftercare), before taking action in certain contractual matters. The monthly fee is payable in advance by Electronic Funds Transfer or Debit Order.

We have found in the past 10 years that these consultation provides the most effective preventative strategies to curb the medium to long term effect of a decision made at the time. Hence, this will be financial resources well spent!

If you need a more tailor-made package, please inform us and we will gladly assist.

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